About Us

Spencerz Sports Pub and Restaurant opened in Myrtle Beach, SC in August of 2003 to meet the Sports needs of locals and tourists from the North Myrtle Beach through Murrells Inlet, Bill Spencer, owner and operator, decided after more than 15 years of going to other sports bars and noticing what they were doing wrong he could just do it better himself.

Spencerz concept was to be ALL SPORTS, ALL THE TIME.  No bands, no Jukebox – everyone knew no matter what Sports you wanted to watch you could always get your favorite game at Spencerz.

Opening on corner of Hwy 544 and Business 17, Spencerz was an immediate success. With a hugh menu that offered everything from stuffed portabella mushrooms to chicken wings, customers loved the fact that with 62 TVs they could always get their game and get something good to eat. Spencerz’ main fan base always has been the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins, but what brought customers day in and day out was the fact that they could always get their favorite game or team. Whether your game was football, baseball, college or pro basketball, Hockey, Boxing, wrestling or UFC you could always be assured Spencerz would have it.

After 8 years, Spencerz worked with the owners of the property to redevelop the corner where they were located to bring in other restaurants and retail outlets. Unfortunately, the planned move was to take place only 2 years after the depression of late 2008 and the economy had just not rebounded. New restaurants and retailers just hadn’t been willing to expand which left Bill Spencer and SpencerzSports Pub with a major decision, DO I GO IT ALONE or WAIT? With the new building and expansions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, Spencerz decided to close and wait till the economy rebounded.

After 15 months off, Bill decided not to wait any longer for an economy that didn’t look like it would ever recover, and opened up a smaller version of the old Spencerz just one block South of his original location. The new Spencerz opened in August of 2012- just in time for football season and it was like Ground Hog Day.  Most of the locals found the new location within weeks and by week 1 of the NFL season it like Spencerz had never closed.

Spencerz new concept is slightly different – they do have a Jukebox, weekly Live Trivia and occasionally Karaoke but they still are the absolute best place in Myrtle Beach to watch your favorite sporting event.  They carry the NFL, College Football, College Basketball and Hockey TV satellite packages and with 26 big flat screen TVs, you can always be assured you’ll get you favorite game on TV.  The menu is also smaller with homemade pizza, Philly cheesesteaks, burgers, wings and salads, so you can still get great food while watching your favorite game.

Located just one block South of the corner of 544 and Business 17(their old location) you can find Spencerz near the McDonalds in the Old Time Pottery shopping center. You can’t miss the building painted Black and Gold for you Pittsburgh fans, but rest assured no matter what team or sport you like Spencerz will have it for you.